It’s simple really, I wanted you.

Six Word Story #119

I will always choose you first.

— Six Word Story #118

I thought I was better now.

—         Six Word Story #117

I can’t love myself right now.

—        Six Word Story #116

“Pato, I am this close to falling in love with you. But I’m not gonna do that to myself if you’re not ready. And I don’t think you’re ready.”

I wanna be where you are.

—       Six Word Story #115

One day you just stopped calling.

—      Six Word Story #114

I drunk dial you too often.

—     Six Word Story #113

I miss you, come home quick.

—    Six Word Story #112

Have you been playing me along?

—    Six Word Story #111

You left me at my darkest.

—    Six Word Story #110

what a shame.

boy was he wrong.

why even bother?