you are the poison in my vein.
i wish i was able to say seeing your face was easy. but it cuts me to pieces to see your smiling face. you said you wish me well, that i looked better. but truth is, i fucking wish you hell. i hope you the worst. i hope you wake up in pain and find yourself hating how you let a person inject poison into your veins.
only the beautiful.
you asked me to write beautiful things about you. as if i could write anything other; you laughed telling me not to mentions the not so appealing aspects of you. and i laughed in return cause there’s not a part of you that i would change. not your long fingers, not the way your blue eyes shine, not even the scars that run across your back. you asked me to write beautiful things about you, as if i could write anything as beautiful as you my dear.
for those who never quite learn how to be loved.
i hope one day you find someone who loves you so much you forget how it feels to be hurt. i hope they love your morning breath and drunk ramblings. i hope they kiss you every night and i hope you wake up warm with their arms around you. i really hope that person love every fiber of you and enjoy every moment they get with you. god i hope they love you, and i hope you let them.

You are my favorite “what if”.

—  Six Word Story #120

It’s simple really, I wanted you.

Six Word Story #119

I will always choose you first.

— Six Word Story #118

I thought I was better now.

—         Six Word Story #117

I can’t love myself right now.

—        Six Word Story #116

“Pato, I am this close to falling in love with you. But I’m not gonna do that to myself if you’re not ready. And I don’t think you’re ready.”

I wanna be where you are.

—       Six Word Story #115

One day you just stopped calling.

—      Six Word Story #114

I drunk dial you too often.

—     Six Word Story #113

I miss you, come home quick.

—    Six Word Story #112

Have you been playing me along?

—    Six Word Story #111